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Do you need plastic rolls for packaging? We are a specialised plastic rolls manufacturer focusing on quality. We offer a range of different polyethylene rolls made to your unique requirements and in any color of your choice. if you want to keep your products concealed and confidential ,black lay flat tubing is especially suitable but You can also use plastic rolls In order to protect any products in storage or transit against water and dust.while technical workshops that produce a variety of sensitive parts also make use of polyethylene plastic packaging rolls.

we are a plastic tubing manufacturer around Johannesburg ,Our plastic tubing is an easy and economical way to package your finished products for the retail market by cutting the required length and sealing it with heat, tape or staples. We provide different range of lengths and widths of plastic rolls to suit almost any size item and you can also create your own custom-sized plastic bags.

our plastic packaging rolls are made up according to your specifications. We exercise rigorous quality controls to provide you with a top-notch product. This means that our plastic rolls have even thickness, weight and durability without tears, creases or bulges. Whether you have a high volume packaging operation, or you need tubing for transportation or storage – we cater for everyone’s needs.Contact us now to get a quote on the best plastic rolls for packaging. We guarantee high quality lay flat tubing at great prices. And you can count on a quick turn-around time too!

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