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We are one of the most reliable polythene sheet manufacturers in Johannesburg and the whole South Africa, our production capabilities go beyond basic plastic sheeting roll extrusion . We utilize the latest plastic sheet fabricating technology in other to convert your extruded plastic sheet into a finished product . With one of the most extensive offerings of plastic sheet materials, we are here to fulfill your exact requirement from high- density polyethylene (hdpe)- to low density polyethylene (Ldpe)-, our polyethylene sheet extrusion includes different types of plastic sheet in order to stay within your budget and meet your needs . Using HDPE material for your plastic sheet application is not only cost effective but is moisture resistant and high stress crack resistant. We have an excellent customer service and an in-house manufacturing process to customize your extruded plastic sheet needs quickly and cost effectively.

What is Polythene Sheet used for?

polythene sheet is mostly used in construction as a vapor retarders ,window films ,counter top protection ,flooring and roofing because its polyethylene material is made to stand up to pressures and natural elements., It can also be used to seal off rooms ,cover building materials and in lead abatement projects. It is friendly to the environment, have excellent durability, even in hot and cold temperatures. It can also be used in packaging / shipping, Construction enclosures, Erosion control, Moisture/gas control. Insulation membranes.

Shaun’s plastics, is the one of the most trusted polythene sheet manufacturers in Johannesburg, we have built a modern and efficient plastic manufacturing infrastructure that meets the industry’s highest technical standards and designed to meet customer requirements, we maintain favorable lead-times, ensure on-time delivery of orders, achieve high levels of efficiency, and provide the capacity for us to grow with our customers. Contacts us now for all your polythene sheet or plastic sheet roll (hdpe sheet and Ldpe sheet) needs.

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